Space Tourism

A new era of commercial space is here.  Since before the Apollo missions, people have been anticipating the day when private citizens can purchase a ticket to space.


While some might be satisfied with a few moments of zero gravity on a suborbital flight, the true space experience means going fully orbital - a sustained micro-gravity experience. Aurora Station will be a next generation space station for the 21st century. 

A New Destination

With the International Space Station facing retirement over the next several years, new destinations are needed to take its place.


Design with tourism in mind, Aurora Station will feature  a spacious interior to move around, large observation windows, personal sleeping quarters, great food, and plenty of activities to stay busy. Guests will build friendships that last a lifetime, and experience something that will change their lives forever.


A Life-Changing Event

While gazing out of the observation windows at the Earth below will be an activity everyone will want to do, we plan to provide a full Astronaut Experience for our guests.

Unlike a hotel stay, guests will need to work as a team and take part in the operation of the station. From cargo transfer activities, to daily exercise and select operations tasks, there will be plenty to do.

More Than a Great View

In additional to all the normal activities, guests will be offered the opportunity to participate in volunteer science activities.


Orion Span will be partnering with universities, research organizations, and commercial companies to fly experiments and other payloads to Aurora Station.


Guests will have the opportunity to take part in these experiments and other activities while onboard.


Training on these will be conducted as part of their overall pre-flight preparations.  Depending on the nature of the experiment and the time needed, the results will be returned at the end of their stay, or on another flight. This is what citizen science is all about.



Orion Span has taken what was historically a 24 month training program and streamlined it to 3 months. Early certification units are theory-oriented and completed on your own pace using the Orion Span Astronaut Certification (OSAC) App or your computer. The goal of these units is to gain an understanding of basic spaceflight, orbital mechanics, and of pressurized environments in space. The OSAC App is currently in development and expected to be released in 2019.

Mid certification units are in person exercises conducted at our Training Facility in Houston, Texas. In person training begins no later than 3 months prior to launch to Aurora Station. Emphasis in these units is on successful understanding of spacecraft systems, contingency training and weightlessness practice.  

The final certification modules are completed during your stay on Aurora Station. Orion Span Astronaut Certification full certification is complete after your first stay on Aurora Station. Training and OSAC is included as part of your stay on Aurora Station. OSAC may be recognized as a form of training with other space entities as well.

An Authentic Astronaut Experience

So, are you ready to see the Earth from orbit? When we have completed development and successfully placed Aurora Station into low Earth orbit, we invite you to sign up for a 12-day adventure that will change your life forever. Experience the thrill of zero gravity, gaze upon the Earth from 230 miles above, conduct experiments, and much more - a complete astronaut experience!