The Democratization of Space Starts Today

46 years ago on this day, the last of the Apollo missions launched from Earth, marking the final mission of human beings traveling to the Moon and back. 5 hours and 6 minutes after launch, the crew took out their 70mm Hasselblad camera, and took a remarkable image of the Earth in full sun. Later thought to be one of the most widely distributed images in human history, the Blue Marble - as it became known - continues to inspire awe around the globe to this day.

Ask someone back then where they thought human civilization would be today, and they would probably comment on orbital colonies, Moon colonies, and maybe even Mars colonies. 29 years later, in 2001, the developments that had long been needed to fuel such possibilities actually began to take root. The first space tourist ever, Dennis Tito, flew to the ISS. Only a year later, an ambitious and widely-predicted-to-fail rocket launch startup got underway (SpaceX - worth $27 billion today). 2001-02 marked the beginning of the commercial space era. Since then, we've seen ever more increasing possibilities. In fact, I wrote of a Cambrian Moment that I predict will happen in the space business before 6 years are out. What's exciting about these developments is that - just like a city rising from the ground on Earth - commercial needs are driving their growth.

In fact, it's moving so fast that recent news from Virgin Galactic suggests that their suborbital space tourism rocket flights are imminent. Within 6-12 months, they will be routine. And Blue Origin is next, I expect. The next step is orbital destination tourism, which is why we designed and developed plans to build Aurora Station.

Ask anyone who has been to space and they will tell you it's a life-changing experience. It's my life goal to make Aurora Station, and that same life-changing experience available to everyone. This is what I call the democratization of space. But look, I want to be upfront about this, it's going to take some time. There are bottlenecks cost-wise that make space an exclusive experience for the immediate future. Like any new technology - it starts out exclusive and becomes more broadly available over time. Remember when a VCR cost $3,200 in inflation-adjusted dollars?

That said, I want to demonstrate to you, now, today, that I'm serious about this. As such, I have opened up investment possibilities in Orion Span and Aurora Station. Up until 2016, it was only possible for the wealthiest 2% of Americans to invest in private companies. Now, it is available to all. Now, for the first time, we're making it possible for everyone to be able to invest in a space hotel company. Consider this my formal invitation- please join us! And become part of this historic moment forever. You can learn more about our remarkable journey and investing here.

Thank you, and I look forward to having you onboard!

Frank Bunger

CEO & Founder