Orion Span's Certified Agent Program for Travel Agents

Since the announcement of Orion Span's Aurora Station in April of this year we've been inundated with requests from travel agents. The conversations invariably went from excitement over the world's first luxury space hotel, on to fear of missing out for their clients. In each meeting, the same question kept coming back: with the waitlist growing rapidly, how they could get their eager clients looped into our experience?

To fulfill that need, I'm excited to announce that we are opening the Orion Span Certified Agent program for travel agents. Offering an out of this world $50,000 commission, a select group from all around the world will be able to offer the world's only authentic astronaut experience to their clients.

If you are a travel agent, I encourage you to check out the information page, as well as and an initial application form that can be found under the Agents page from our main menu.

I look forward to working with you!

Frank Bunger

CEO & Founder

Orion Span