Space is Hot Again

On April 5th, we announced our intention to build Aurora Station. Within 3 days, we were on nearly every front page of every news organization in the world. I have personally fielded interviews from radio and television stations from all over the world: Bulgaria, Canada, Columbia, Germany, Ireland, the UK, the United States, and many more. Each interview shared the common element of excitement about Aurora Station and prospect of serious steps forward into low earth orbit (LEO).

I believe we tapped into a broader excitement and energy about space that most people simply didn’t know was there. In fact, I would venture to say that the level of excitement out there is the highest it has been since the heyday of the Space Race in the 1960s and 70s.

How did space excitement reach such a new high? There are a few trends coming together that are fueling global excitement about space.

1) Commercial Activity. Trailblazers like SpaceX have proven there is a commercially-viable means to operate efficiently and profitably in a realm that used to be the sole domain of government.

2) Technological Innovation. What used to take 50kg of electronics equipment now fits into the size and mass of a quarter.

3) Launch costs are decreasing, and set to decrease further. Nearly every week a new launch player starts up, each with their own way to reach LEO cheaper, better, and faster.

4) Investment activity. Interest in space ventures has increased several fold the last few years.

This potpourri of trends is combining to fuel rapid development of commercial space startups and opportunities. The Bank of America estimates that economic activity in space will reach $3 trillion by 2040. We are proud to be on the leading edge of blazing new trails in LEO with Aurora Station. Space is hot again.

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