Research and Manufacturing in LEO

Aurora Station is a planned space station habitat with accommodations for a variety of commercial and scientific payloads.


With multiple crewed visits per year, payload science and manufacturing-related activities can be conducted on a regular basis by visiting crew.

Large equipment, such as manufacturing hardware, can be incorporated into a vehicle segment during the construction phase on the ground, allowing significantly more flexibility to accommodate larger systems.

Purpose-Built Facilities

While Aurora Station will be a multipurpose platform capable of accommodating a variety of payloads for research and manufacturing, Orion Span plans to build multiple space station platforms to meet demand for orbital manufacturing.

As a modular solution, special-purpose space stations can be manufactured and launched into space. A manufacturing-focused Aurora-class station can be constructed on the ground, outfitted with manufacturing equipment and raw material, and launched into LEO on a single flight to begin operations immediately.

Cost Effective Microgravity Research

Research in microgravity represents some of the most exciting unlocked potential for all humankind. Orion Span strongly supports the core mission of microgravity research to underpin the remarkable discoveries awaiting us in a zero gravity environment. We are therefore intending to subsidize the cost to host research for qualifying institutions. Contact us at to find out more.