Aurora Station


Aurora Station is a single-launch-to-orbit solution that offers unprecedented customization and affordability.  Currently in development, our segmented modular design can be sized for a variety of existing launch vehicles, including a SpaceX Falcon 9!

For Governments

Orion Span will offer a human-rated space station platform in Low Earth Orbit to governments for short or long-term leasing.  A commercial ecosystem of launch, crew transportation, and now - destination - will enable global space agencies to operate a human spaceflight program affordably and effectively.


Manufacturing and Research

Aurora Station will be a multi-purpose human-rated space station platform that will come fully-equipped with payload accommodations, test equipment, power, data, and thermal management systems. Future Aurora-class stations will be developed to cater to market demand.

Space Tourism

Aurora Station will be open to Private Citizen Astronauts. Up to four guests will be able to train and launch to Low Earth Orbit for up to 12 days. Packages are flexible and reservations are open now!

Orion Span is a Privately Funded Company

Orion Span is a privately-funded Delaware C Corporation, backed by Pear Venture and Berkeley SkyDeck. 


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