Frank Bunger

Chief Executive Officer

Veteran technology executive and serial entrepreneur Frank Bunger is CEO & Founder at Orion Span. He has extensive experience building early stage company team, product and go to market, from zero to eight digit revenue. Frank has a multi-disciplinary background across several industries, including software, hardware and manufacturing. Most recently, he was Vice President at UpGuard, a firm focused on software automation, where his division performed in the top 3% of SaaS groups - worldwide - by sales and retention. An ardent renaissance man, he has additionally worked in an award-winning capacity in a variety of roles ranging from engineer, sales, solutions design, solutions delivery, to executive management.

Frank holds a MBA from the University of California Haas School of Business. In his free time, Frank likes to go sailing or hiking with his wife and son in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Marv L. LeBlanc P.E., PMP

Chief Operating Officer

As former Vice President and General Manager for the ARES Corporation, Marv was responsible for the management and operations of all ARES contracts with the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Marv served as the Program Manager for ARES’ support of the NASA Orion spacecraft program management and control services. Marv has over 30 years of experience in the management, design, development, and implementation of command and control systems in the military, energy, commercial, and NASA sectors.

David Jarvis

Chief Technical Officer

Serial space entrepreneur David Jarvis has extensive experience in human spaceflight, having spent 13 years at Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas providing operations support to the Japanese Space Agency, a key International Space Station partner. David's work included inter-agency coordination to facilitate technical and programmatic solutions to issues related to the ISS, as well as real-time console support during Space Shuttle missions. In 2014, David co-founded a four-person team that designed a unique remote sensor system to monitor maritime vessel traffic around the world. This demonstration technology, called Maritime Awareness, was launched and successfully installed on the International Space Station in 2016.

Frank Eichstadt

Chief Architect

Over a career spanning four decades, Frank has provided conceptual development, detailed design and engineering for award winning commercial and NASA space flight projects including the first robot to operate alongside astronauts aboard an orbiting spacecraft (Charlotte on STS-63), primary payloads flown aboard the Space Shuttle, and a commercial module on the Russian segment of the International Space Station (Spacehab's Enterprise module). Frank’s work is evident in several major components of the International Space Station. Frank‘s appreciation for the space flight environment benefits from several hours of valuable zero-g and hypo-g exposure accumulated as a principal investigator and test engineer aboard NASA’s KC-135 parabolic flight aircraft. His experience includes creative coordination of multinational/multidisciplinary teams to achieve complex projects on time and below budget.

Don Blank

Senior Spacecraft Design Consultant

Project management and engineering consultant Don Blank has provided design and engineering management services in the aerospace and medical device industries, including 14 years of experience at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. Don served as a Space Shuttle Mission Evaluation Room Manager in Mission Control, and organized and facilitated safety reviews of all Orbiter sub-systems during NASA’s return-to-flight efforts in the wake of the 2003 Columbia accident. Other roles have included overseeing the development of configuration management systems for NASA’s Constellation Program and serving as project manager for development, maintenance, and upgrades to ISS flight hardware.

Advisory Committee

Mark Osterhaus

Mark’s breadth and depth of experience across all aspects of the hospitality industry is unrivaled. Over the past 25 years, he has excelled in operations, sales and marketing, revenue management, central reservations and call center management. Mark employs a disciplined, stakeholder-centric approach to problem solving, focusing on creating profitable solutions for all involved and finding win/win solutions at every turn.

Tarek Zohdi

Tarek I. Zohdi received his Ph.D. in 1997 in Computational and Applied Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany from 1997 to 1998 and then a lecturer (C2-Oberingenieur) at the Gottfried Leibniz University of Hannover in Germany from 1998 to 2001, where he received his Habilitation in General Mechanics. ​His main research interests are in computational approaches for micromechanical material design.

Samantha Jacobs

Samantha Jacobs, President/Founder of Hemsworth Communications is a corporate communications strategist who has represented clients in a variety of industries including travel and tourism, hospitality, cruise, travel distribution, technology, luxury lifestyle and more. Her career spans more than 18 years in public relations, marketing and communications, including working as a senior-level executive for top-ranked PR agencies and corporations, representing brands within both the public and private sectors.  

David Gull

David Gull, CEO of Outer Realm, is a leader in the application of immersive software to real-world projects, helping visions become a reality by first developing high fidelity, true-scale virtual prototypes in Virtual and Augmented Reality. As a licensed architect, David understands that people's ability to visualize complex projects is inherently limited, and building any ambitious future requires buy-in, alignment, and clear understanding from an array of stakeholders. David founded Outer Realm to create a solution that showcases unbuilt projects and products as realistically as possible in order to ensure they are actually built, and to improve the product outcome through design iteration and validation.


Orion Span is seeking a seed round of funding, and is currently backed by Pear VC and Berkeley SkyDeck at the pre-seed stage.

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