• Founded: 2017

  • Founders: Frank Bunger (CEO), David Jarvis (CTO)

  • State of Incorporation: Delaware

  • Type of Company: C Corporation

  • Locations: San Mateo, CA (Business Development), Houston, TX (Engineering)

  • Market: Commercial Space

  • Funding Status: Actively Seeking Seed Round


We are on the cusp of a new golden era of human space flight - one the private sector will play a crucial role.  Orion Span is a commercial space company developing the destination infrastructure to service the needs of this new space economy, which will include many sectors, including government, manufacturing, research, and tourism.


We are a combined team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and aerospace engineers in Silicon Valley and Houston, Texas. With previous startup experience, as well as technical experience working on the Space Shuttle Program, the International Space Station Program, and a variety of commercial projects related to human space flight, we have the exact skill set needed to carry out the development and operation of this next generation space station platform.